Security is key and we know it

All Snip features are created with your privacy and security ahead. This means that we cover everything from technical issues to human mistakes.

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    Snip protects your data

    Snip’s server infrastructure is hosted on Amazon Web Services. The AWS compliance program is designed to follow international security standards and regulations, protecting data confidentiality and privacy. Data centers provide the means necessary to operate 24/7 and protect data from physical damage and network problems.

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    Data encryption

    Security starts with your password. It is used to encrypt your data, so no one but you can read it. It is also used to decrypt your data when you need it. Your password will never be shared with anyone, which means that you are the only person who can unlock your data on Snip and access your information.

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    Privacy and security program

    We have established an information security management framework, helping us to ensure that you are confident with Snip by hosting your documents as if they were stored locally on your own network. This is done by analyzing the risks and continuously improving the security, confidentiality, integrity and availability of the service.

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    Backup and recovery policy

    User data is stored in the failover cluster with a backups. No matter what happens, your work will remain safe. Even if you accidentally delete a collection, there is always a way back: we keep backup copies of deleted panels for 30 days.

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    Private data

    Snip was designed with a deep respect for your privacy. All information you share with us is used only to provide services and support. Snip has access only to your account name, your email address and some necessary non-invasive information. Snip DOES NOT have access to any personal content.

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    Instant notification monitoring

    We work with a consistent history of uptime, using a reliable monitoring system, ensuring that members of our team are instantly notified of all possible security risks. We are constantly maintaining the level of excellence and counting on world-renowned partners for support.

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    Snip was designed within the requirements developed by LGPD and GDPR. You can learn more about our privacy practices in the Privacy Policy, as well as better understand Sonata's role on compliance.

We are committed to protecting your data