Let Snip work for you

Much more than just managing documents, Snip brings a huge range of powerful and easy-to-use features. Find out how these resources can make all the difference in the way your team works.

  • Archives always at your fingertips

    Collaborate and share file feedback in real time, keep your files and documents in a central location to keep them organized and quickly locate them whenever needed. Keep multiple versions of the same file and use any of them whenever you want.

  • Connections between collections

    Share records between collections and with other teams. Edit, comment and collaborate always in sync.

    Each update that your team makes is saved and displayed immediately. You will never have to worry about updated information again. Our mobile and web apps synchronize changes across devices from everyone.

  • Controlled access

    Collections and registers can be restricted only to users with permissions. These permissions grant access to document editing and even limit it for viewing only. With Snip you guarantee access filters for different cases.


    Customized documents with one click

    Use the data already filled in your records to create customized documents as contract additives or even new contracts. None of these fields needs to be filled more than once, your records will always be used in your favor.

Powerful resources

Snip comes with the resources you need to collaborate, organize and avoid missed deadlines and obligations. Find out how to help your teams work together in an easier and smarter way.


  • Text

    Fields for a single line of text such as names, identifiers or short descriptions.

  • Long text

    Write multiple paragraphs as observations, instructions or descriptions. Great for taking notes or adding multiple lines of text.

  • Number

    Restrict the characters of a field to numbers only and help the agility of those who will fill in the field.

  • Date

    Set dates for important events in the calendar and schedule reminders and alarms by email, sms or push.

  • Period

    Monitor records for pre-programmed periods and automate notices for expiration of contracts, deadlines for completing documentation or obligations.

  • Calculated

    This field displays the result of calculations of dates, numbers or concatenated texts, excellent for working with variable values ​​without changing the final document.

  • CPF

    Register on CPF(for individuals in Brazil) exclusive fields and have automatic registration validation and notices if the number has already been entered.

  • CNPJ

    Similar to the CPF field, the CNPJ(for companies in Brazil) field also validates the existence of the record, saving the time of those who would need to check it.

  • Zip code

    When registering a zip code, smart fields will display the street, neighborhood, city and state, leaving only the number and/or address complement.

  • City/Estate

    List field programmed to save time listing all cities in a state, based on its selection.

  • Telephone

    Formatted field for the insertion of landlines with DDD(Brazilian city codes).

  • Mobile

    Similar to the telephone field, it is formatted for the insertion of mobile phones with DDD(Brazilian city codes).

  • Email

    This exclusive field for email format, will only allow filling in the correct format.

  • Currency

    Field that works in decimal format and displays the dollar sign of the currency, ensuring interpretation in the financial context.

  • Percentage

    Exclusive field for percentage format, great for progress indications or management information.

  • Checkbox

    Field for marking multiple options. Used for checking items and documentation received.

  • Radio button

    List field restricted to the selection of a single option. Used to indicate which alternative among the few, it is the selected one.

  • Selection list

    Selection for predefined options presented in a list. Unlike the Radio Button, it is used for choosing an alternative among several options.

  • Attachment

    Field for uploading files in different types of extensions, such as; .pdf, .xlsx, .xls, .docx, .doc, and others.

  • Image

    Upload image formats such as png and jpeg, which, for convenience and speed, can be previewed in the registration.

  • Custom

    Adds a field with customizable rules to guarantee its filling in an agile and correct way. Use the limit on the number of characters, which characters can be used and more.

  • Connection between collections

    Field used to connect information from two collections. Used to associate parameters from one collection to another, enabling registration in two collections.

  • Multi insertion

    Field that allows the insertion of several other fields within itself. Used to insert more than one image field or attachments without the need to create multiple fields.

  • Field groups

    Space that allows you to group fields and adjust the layout of the form. Choose which fields are most relevant and which need to be side by side.

  • Links

    Add links to important documents and files. Used for registration of references or easy access to online documents.

  • Labels (Coming soon)

    Create and add customizable label sets. Used to categorize your records and streamline searches.

  • Created in

    The inclusion of the creation date and time in the records enables a more agile and accurate compliance.

  • Created by

    Like Created In, this field is used to facilitate team communication and validate which signature is responsible for each record.


  • Invites

    Invite collaborators to participate in collections and edit records. After the invitation is accepted, users will have access to Snip.

  • Comments

    It is possible to leave comments in the records for a more direct communication with the team. Avoid delays with e-mails about doubts in teamwork records.

  • Permissions

    Configure the permissions of the invited collaborators and guarantee controlled access over the users who will manage the collections.

  • Activity history

    With the history of records, it is possible to check the actions performed on each record, as well as its date and executing user.

  • Notifications

    Receive pre-configured notifications and alerts to learn about important deadlines, subscriptions, obligations and more. Notifications can be sent by email, sms or push.

  • Reports

    Easily export reports with all the details of each record, its activities and the dates of execution. Reports can be exported in formats such as .xls, .csv, .pdf, all ready for printing. Use them for a quick compliance check.

  • Impressions

    Print detailed management view reports ready for compliance. Ideal for monitoring and quality assurance of records.


  • Collections

    In collections you can group up your records. An example would be a collection only for records of legal documents and another for records of employees for HR. Snip also comes with collection templates ready for you, contact us at [email protected] and learn more.

  • Records

    The record contains information related to an entity. As an example, a record can be used as the complete record of an employee, with easy access to all of their hiring documents. By grouping records in specific collections you ensure that your team has agility and practicality in handling this information.

  • Card view mode

    Cards are a way of previewing a record. They display the most relevant information of a record, facilitating a super fast conference without the need to open them one by one.

  • List view mode

    This view displays all records in a list format, while maintaining the characteristics of the cards. This view is very useful for quick checking of fields in a record or quick comparison of fields between records.

  • Kanban view mode

    The kanban view board makes it possible to categorize records in columns. This form of visualization is used to follow the steps in one or more records. An example would be to divide a collection of properties between a “signed contracts” and “pending contracts” columns.

  • Calendar view mode

    Have easy access to the history of changes on your records through a calendar. Perfect for quickly tracking when specific records and/or fields have changed.

  • Dashboard view mode

    The dashboard allows you to have customizable metric panels where you define which information is most important to be displayed. Do you need to keep track of the number of signed contracts? Track the number of records created in a specific month? The solution is a dashboard view.

  • Custom view mode

    Do you need any specific viewing mode? Contact us at [email protected] and share your needs with us, we look forward to help.


  • Filters

    With Snip you create your own search filters with customized parameters. Do you need to filter records with a certain characteristic within a large collection? With the creation and sharing of filters, you can do this in less than a minute.

  • Show/Hide

    Fields can also be created with conditions. If one information is only useful when triggered by a specific answer, this field will be hidden until necessary. Your records will always be organized and easy to edit.

  • Sort by (Coming soon)

    Sort your data by specific attributes. Unlike filters, the sort option allows quick organization by standardized conditions, such as displaying records in alphabetical order or by date of creation.

  • Colors

    Snip fits the look of your business. Use different colors to personalize your collections and labels. This resource is used to maintain the company's identity, as well as to differentiate between collections, facilitating management.

  • View modes

    Choose to see your items in the Table, Column, List, Calendar, Kanban or Dashboard. The view modes are used for different situations of work, as an example we have the calendar view mode, used to check expirations, additives or signatures close to the deadline.

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