Your information however you want

An access space to manage your documents and information directly in the cloud. Snip is available anytime, anywhere.

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Organize data in a shared collections and categories system. Share the changes with everyone involved. Also manage access levels, so that each user works only with what is most important to them. Track who made edits or even recover easily from wrong changes. With alarms sent by email, SMS or Push-App, you are notified whenever a deadline is close to expiration.

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Choose how you work

Snip is oriented towards efficiency and agility. It focuses on the elements that favor simple navigation. The smart search field allows searches in several ways, such as within documents, images and closed PDFs. For your convenience, you are always in control and without fear of making mistakes. Any registered changes can be reversed.

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Snip is in the cloud

Forget reliance on internal networks to access files. Store your business documents and information on Snip and, if you wish, access them from any device virtually anywhere. You won’t lose any documents in case of problems with your devices. Collaborate with your team anywhere, from sitting at your desk or on the go to a meeting.

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